This is where every permaculture should start. I can only show you a few photos here but there is nothing more satisfying then slowly implementing small ideas into your garden over time. It is one of those spaces that if it rains you go in for a cup of tea and get on with something else. Other times when you may be waiting for a delivery or a phone call you can pop out and do a quick clean up. The thing about this space is that it should reflect your personality, so you can get really quacky about it. You will have a host of old objects and spare parts lying around the place; just use them up. Check through these photos and see some of the ideas I implemented including wine bottles, sea shells, old water tanks for a reed bed, secondary glazing used for a greenhouse, and bins for worm composting. Check out the mulching which, done over winter, was ready to plant up in Spring. If you have any money then you can do what Sophie done, and that is implement a back shed come chill-out space with a green roof. I use my garden for food production rather than a social space.


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