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A raw-foodist attitude to going veggie
by Theresa Webb

An ad campaign ran a few years ago: ‘You can’t be a meat eating environmentalist’. For our own species health and survival and to support the environment Gaia - Earth, the most effective way is to draw on the natural resources we are provided in the form of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, pulses and legumes. These provide us with oxygen and water. A vegan and raw diet is one that includes the above. This production method feeds humans directly, whereas the production of livestock for human consumption is indirect and abuses resources. It takes 3 times as much land, water and feed to raise an animal per protein yield and as a result draws on our valued energy reserves. Livestock pollute our atmosphere through emitting methane gas; studies show that levels are higher than that of world-wide transport emissions. Producing plant based nutrition is gentle for both our own health and Earth as a living organism.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, sprouting pulses and legumes provide us with our requirements for carbohydrate, fat and protein. It’s an ecological choice with our palate and plate; healing for our Earth and us. I’ve far fewer colds, circulation improvements, inner healing and increased energy levels; a better balance emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Fresh leaves provide our calcium, magnesium and potassium requirements and we gain much more than from wheat or sugar carbohydrates. Fresh ingredients also contain their own enzymes which enable easy and effective digestion. Raw vegan meals are often very quick and easy to prepare and also use less water and detergent in washing up. Beautiful and flavourful it is essentially free from gluten, processed sugar and lactose. Many symptoms also clear up from internal cleansing as our bodies begin to self-heal.

Theresa has been a vegan and raw for 7 years. She is head of Kitchen Buddy and teaches culinary workshops and retreats, specialising in gluten-free, vegan and raw nutrition and meals. She is a specialist raw chocolatier with deluxe assortments of dark chocolates and truffles.

Theresa can be contacted at Kitchen Buddy and emailed here. Tel 020 8697 2755.

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