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Cycling for sanity
by Elizabeth Deszoysa

Cycling is a great way to travel - even better in good company. As a solo cyclist you can feel isolated and up against irate motorists. But cycling together as a largish group is another story altogether, especially when children are part of the group. Motorists will now favour you or at the very least tolerate you - with a group this big, there's no way a motorist could edge along the side, unless the ride leader gives permission.

This type of cycling is fun - the cyclist is no longer the second-class citizen, but king of the road. It helps to have properly trained marshals who make sure the group moves safely and speedily across junctions, making the whole experience pleasurable. Choosing back routes and places inaccessible to cars also increases the enjoyment.

The free food procured through funding is an added bonus. Cyclists always have healthy appetites! And the government is keen to get bums on saddles, so with the right level of determination and commitment, funding for these little niceties is not too hard to get.

Even without the freebies, cycling is the best and most ecological form of transport around. But you don't need to tell the children that - they just naturally enjoy being out in the fresh air with their friends, and the parents are happy to prise their offspring away from electronic forms of entertainment. A win-win situation for all!

For the next South London ride Elizabeth can be contacted here.

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