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In communicado with The Land Magazine: The Difference Between a Pen Pusher and a Farmer

Dear The Land,
Unfortunately I just got back from Spain and can only now reply to Mike Hannis’ article ‘Free to be Deluded’. I will try to be succinct: he suffers from the same delusion as do maybe much of the de-spiritualised population does – an urban mentality. It is an aberration of all things natural to write from the conscious motivation of the ego and not from the natural unconscious motivation of environmental evolution. Quite simply human culture is conceited in believing that it can continue to defy the environmental determinism that gives rise first to natural law, then common law and now statutory law, for if you attempt to redefine any of these benchmark developments of human progress you dangerously segregate the reality of their authenticity. The whole idea of the Freeman’s movement is for the appreciation of what comes naturally and to try and regain the sovereignty that you landers hearken on about all the time. The one MASSIVE glaring omission from your pages is the realisation that ultimately all law descends from acknowledging God as omnipotent and all-knowing. Not some half-baked idea for political reform, as Mike Hannis implies it, but reclamation of the basic acknowledgement that the land belongs only to God.

Everyone’s idea of God is subjective but simply put ‘one only knows God if God resides in one’. You, like many other grovelling activists in the West, fall to that same disease that only a politician can spread – you politicise the landscape and are bounded within the remit of its mechanisms of power mongering, whether through the pen, the stick, the gun, or money. You should understand that you are a product of a materialist mentality and that the ‘evolved’ system that we find ourselves in is not so much evolved but developed as a consolidation of human enterprise. It is the cultural quest for redefining our landscapes, but the true reality is: if you try to tell a pigeon in a cage that it is not free to go and shit on Nelson’s Column it wouldn’t take a blind bit of notice, even if you let it go ‘free’. True freedom is freedom of the spirit, the cultivation of individual awareness for the immanent role of the greater universe. Only the individual knows that and only the individual knows how close one is to God. On the level of the spirit all beings, including animals and plants, are free. In iteration of what you stuff your pages with, as soon as you take away the natural providence of the landscape in reorientation of its values for the re-evaluation of material resources, which can only be an urban mentality, you sell your freedom of spirit for the developed loss of a real appreciation of God; this is where human culture began, as the religious motifs of many myths and stories attest to, the realisation that something has been lost and needs to be bridged. Cultural mentalities are based on this precondition, that something is lost to nature in the concentration of resources and the unnatural geographical layout of the landscape that fights only against ‘the way things are upheld in the mythical mindset’.

When you can see how blinkered cultural determinism is you may come to realise that there is a natural way forward: to regain not just our fields but our animalism. If one can evolve to this state of mind then that gives the person absolute precedence in his or her actions, and then one can understand the true meaning of sovereignty, language per se, and how human culture subsequently developed from this consolidated phenomenon of the individual spirit in relation to the oneness of the universe. It was always a way of coming to terms with the loss of nature and the fall from grace. Thus said, God is a term that secularized humans are becoming unabridged with at their peril because it is here that they are losing their true sovereignty and freedom (of the spirit). This is the true quest of the individual, the motive behind individualism that gets usurped by a material mindset. Cities have done no more than aided man’s aberration from nature.

Many activists find the spiritual in urban environments because they abort the system; they ‘blinker’ the stimuli that affects a materialist mindset; they are a fringe movement in an urban environment all the time they continue to reside in it. Unfortunately they will never grow strong enough if they make their protest in cities using conventional modes of political thinking and action. The quest of the individual is to leave this environment behind, a getting back to the roots so to speak, and to see the greater picture in the individual’s relationship with the land. This condition is premised on the absolute acknowledgment of God as the Unconscious motive and the providence it affords to those who have evolved to this state of being. Cities do what they were developed for, to concentrate material resources and proffer this as the alternative to a belief in natural providence. They only came about as an elitist act to succeed in an alien landscape. Do you ever wonder why the environmental movement has relatively little patronage - the wellspring of any successful movement? It has been de-spiritualised; IT DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE. The individual quest within it has been stifled as it falls to conventional modes of behaviour. This should not be about reformation anymore but the individual’s true spiritual ascendancy and, without doing a little more research into the origins of a Freeman movement, an utter rejection of the political landscape. I believe religious man begins here, a true anarchy, one of God and Providence, receiving natural stimuli founded upon active communion with the working ecology.

Now you see who is truly blinkered. That means no hand-outs, no taxes, no subsidies, no fines, no politics, no money, no development, and no culture. If you think you can ever reach this point then no-one can touch you. It is not so much as reaching this point though, rather evolving there so that the individual who achieves all-knowing, all-being, is ‘lost’ to culture. If that individual comes back the sacrifice to his or her individuality can be great. Hence we may take the parable of Jesus entering Jerusalem and the passion narratives as a whole for the great commitment a single person must make if he or she is to descend from Godhood. As a patron it is everything the environmental movement needs and severely lacks. It is Mother Nature reclaiming the landscape to her ecology. It is about time you urbanites acknowledged the true role of religion in your pages and religious man per se. What a glaring omission you make in your judgements.


I went to a magistrate’s court and beat the system. I pre-empted my arrival with a letter stating my human condition and that I am no corporate body on the basis that the system has refused to protect me and honour me as a citizen; I have been victimised in the past and that certain authorities, including the Met Police, government official, county courts, councils, and prominent individuals have abetted to this. Since I drew an historical precedent for the continuum of action that originated many years ago – a cultural evaluation – the potential embarrassment and retribution this could invoke ensures that those same authorities continue to interfere with legal jurisdiction to the effect of negating its usefulness. It is not so much blackmail but sin guilt on their part. This has been an evolution of my individuality which holds me in high esteem; it grants me power for which I did not seek. My spiritual awakening sets me in good stead as now the negation of material power i.e. corporate control, has uncovered a deep-seated acknowledgement of Providence in the landscape. There is no arrogance but a wit and self-defence to expose the failed system at every available opportunity. On refusing to pay my council tax because Lewisham smashed up my greenhouse, implicating various members of Joe-culture subscribing-Public, a pattern replicable in the past for the implication of numerous countless, faceless individuals for other offences accrued against me, I walked out of court claiming sovereignty. I heard little more about it.

My evolution though, took me further afield. It took me to Lebanon and Syria on a bicycle and back to Catalonia where I am an olive famer. On achieving that journey I claimed a new title for myself, a steward of God, one that exempts me from paying taxes and fines so long as I suffer no sin guilt. That is, I have to uphold the common law in the name of God and Nature which means I follow my unconscious motivation. I compare my spiritual ascendancy to individuals in the past including the prophets, Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi. The basis of my success is the “passivication” of my will so that if follows one granted by God – the unconscious motive. It ensures that my gains are not material but continue on a spiritual upward spiral. Hence, my individuality is one of God. If I ever decide to sell my soul to materiality it will be to your loss – you need my patronage and to share in my beliefs.

I am Augustus Caesar Merlyn Peter of the House of Elias Jacob, Son of Richard, Conqueror of the 15 Nations, and Descended from Mother Earth.

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