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The Age of Stupid: A metapsychosis

It is interesting to say the least how my destiny works. I write this entry from Spain, as I do my books and other publications. After the debacle of my last laptop which had faithfully served me on the Palestinian trip 3 years ago now, and which was internally hacked to pieces, I endeavoured to upgrade my mother’s laptop. A little slow, not unlike me in this sweltering heat, the UK beckons me only for its coolness. I had left the country stifled in my creative expressions after finding out that my professional Xerox printer inexplicably decided to give up the ghost too, after leaving it in storage at my sister’s. In comparison the cost to get stuff printed, even something as small as a 6-page A5 booklet, amounted to 5 pound a copy. Likewise my new olive oil labels have suffered for lack of software and print quality. On the contrary their sales have flourished, not through SLP’s internet market but through shop outlets and colleagues who belong to the same clubs as me.

Just of late someone had bought a tree online - the first time since its inception 3 years ago. Fortunately, I practically gave my trees away through the Big Tree Fund to a select few projects that still show some interest in my work including Mayow Park. With full advertising through my olive oil promotions and a few scant events I ask the question, ‘Am I really invisible?’ How far does the ‘English disease’ spread to? I was once sarcastically told by a colleague at Oasis Wildlife Garden, ‘What do SLP do?’ Despite at least 6 publications a year, being snubbed by the complete permaculture movement has infected everybody around me, which I gratefully accept as a natural act of discrimination from those who are deluded and accept instruction blindly from higher command. Quite frankly it generates a sense of inferiority and guilt from my readers and observers who won’t comprehend their own actions. There have been only a few who have stuck by my honesty and openness in those years. I continue though, to give my material away for free, if only to show the image they have created me in and to widen the sense of freedom I have in my lifestyle as compared to the Westerner. One may understand why they need to hack into my life, because they can only get ‘so close’. They cannot be seen to ‘help’ me. To give a recent example, just before the publication of my last journal, which I can only intuitively know to being plagiarised, Permanent Publications decided to contact me and ‘suggest’ that they would include something in the next issue of Permaculture Magazine. Oh jolly good! I heroically ignored it. Their only motive, whether they knew it or not, could have been to influence the material inside which explicitly puts down the movement and whose sexual content was not to their taste. That is what hacking does, it creates a gulf and sets up power relations that enforce its own position to the subservience of its demons. Like all Western control systems it feeds off emotional capital and guilt.

I type this entry with broken ‘m’, ‘space bar’, and ‘left arrow’ keys. Quite restricting don’t you agree, I say sarcastically, since I explicitly recall leaving the laptop in fine feather the last time I was here. Of course, their motive can only be to slow me down and reduce my creativity to petty talk. So what is the bigger picture? One must adapt. Certainly what is going on in the UK has been seeded here in Catalonia. I came back to find the distributor on my car, new as it is, damaged. My specialist green woodworking tools have gone missing. I make no accusations yet and these could be very natural events but I want you to see the bigger picture. To continue, the same ill-sown words concerning young teenagers damages other potential relationships of all types, yet I continue to sexually attract them and play my music publicly. At this time of writing I have won my communities over and have a lot of respect, avoiding close relations with non-natives as much as they avoid my project. In spite of the incessant promises of the countless numbers I meet in my travels and work wanting to come over and participate in my project nobody ever rings or goes online to register. What can be the motive?

Meanwhile back at the ranch I am still jostling with the housing association who after 2 years and subsequent attempts to get me to leave the property without too much of a fuss being made and the threat of a court case. I remember Shane Collins, Green Party member and drugs advisor to the Met Police telling me once that I shouldn’t hang out my dirty washing. Isn’t that how corruption goes unchecked? I treat him as I do all members of the community, honestly and individually, and prefer to acknowledge him for his heroics reviving grass-root activities like the Green Gathering. He, like any, has fine qualities, bounded by culture to not go any further, and that is where I leave him and all the others behind. I am not even self-righteous, just rude.

Well regarding the flat I haven’t budged an inch. Surely they couldn’t throw me out on the street without a place to go; even if the local community cannot bear their own guilt at contributing to the destruction of my lifestyle there. Ironically, they conveniently glamourize my life in Spain without ever seeing it; no doubt all those young girls hankering after me must be ‘drawing’ me there. Devonshire Road remains my mother project not least for the political stronghold against the council and the police authorities corrupted and slowly rotting at the core. It won’t be long now before the moth crawls out. I have yet to spell out any true motive yet. There is a reason for this, it is called social consciousness. The Spanish police nearly fell for the same trick as the English but I deftly bailed them out and most of those girls vanished off the scene. Social consciousness has this knack of rendering somebody intelligent or stupid, and at this moment you are looking stupid, not just as an environmental movement but for ‘wanting’ to read this. I mean, how long before they glamourize persons like Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher? Even me for showing you what a bunch of ugly untruthful people you are. You look good doing something for your culture, no matter how corrupt it is, inherently so. The historians win the day because you live in the past. Now do something for yourself that will change culture from within and see how much you are despised because culture makes you look evil. Culture doesn’t want you, it just uses you. When you go beyond it then a true individuality will shine through. But the reason why you’re so content with culture is because it is a materialistic phenomenon. In selling off your spiritual capital you gain the creature comforts that puts you in dominion over your neighbour, your nature, your landscape. It has always been so; that is the nature of human culture; a war-bound race that can only survive as an act of technological revolution. Anthropogenic extinction was the alternative from the beginning had you not devised some method to concentrate resources and live off borrowed time.

I am recently touched by Tolstoy’s War and Peace who introduced every personal nuance into the make-up of his characters, likewise his affiliation towards Freemasonry. In it he talks about their love of death; I came to this realisation through my own introspective studies. A love of death is the love of God, of the living spirit. It is a love of Providence to take what one needs, to live in ‘wilderness’. Only idiots think they can take anymore but then culture is idiocy, creating its own problems and convincing the people that they have gained something extra, when in fact they have lost their spirit. When you realise how culture and all its authorities work then you will notice that authority is there to keep it moving in one direction. But authorities do vie against each other, such is the nature of authority, that intelligence needs to be apportioned amongst its levels so that, whilst maintaining its own integrity through that human concept of competition, they will always remain a part of culture. Some will look more stupid than others. But don’t be fooled, everything starts with the individual. Those individuals at the top of the cultural ladder ensure as best they can to stay there. They put in place institutions like criminality and paedophilia and ‘everybody’ is stupid enough to put up with it. That is why the police protect the royal family and the magistrates protect the aristocrats; they are just more stupid. But to go beyond culture is to “love death” and then they will try and kill you if you upset the balance. Let’s go back a few thousand years.

If you want to toil and labour just grow your own food - it is quite rewarding, stupid though. Eventually you would have to kill your neighbour for encroaching on your space. Does anybody out there really think a philosophy like permaculture can verily replace natural ecological systems? My advice is, read the books and get yourself a piece of land. If anyone tries to stop you then you’ll only need to kill them when you are starving. It is your prerogative. And you probably don’t want to forage for the rest of your life, even for a can of Baked Beans in an English supermarket in Cambrils. So you create community, commodity, culture (CCC), in other words ‘Cunts Can Create”, which brings us nicely to the issue of over-population. Realise this and you will understand how intelligence functions through culture. If you are not going with the flow so to speak then nature doesn’t want you, and with it one is baggage-d with all their emotional problems, the repressed human condition that is lower than Creation/Evolution. But to go beyond culture, well then you are tempting fate. You are effectively negating culture and returning to the Source of human existence. From thereon you can truly recreate culture in your own image as a true individual.

In my recent book, The Golden Mean: Building Revolutions, not due to be finished for a good many years, I wrote the following and which seems to follow naturally here. What does it mean to be conscious? It means to have a free will. However, being consciously motivated only gives the illusion of a free will because we can think around our actions more. And so if we are really willing something on does that have to mean that we motivated it? This is the illusion. Just because we can think around an action only really indicates a reflective state, before and after the event. The illusion creates a conscious will. Consider, why should not our thoughts precede an action if that natural action was not unlike say, the bark of a dog, the attack of a snake, the movement of a plant towards the sun? If man has the faculty to reflect upon an event or action, and that action is driven by instinct, then why should he not be able to reflect upon an action before it happens? My terming of the concept ‘enforced subjectification’ is precisely this: that in attempting to force a will through the emotional body only represses the instinct so that one further creates self-delusion and retrospective, rather than forward, reasoning. It is the rational way to justify one’s own actions after the event and to believe it correct in order to guarantee results. This rational deception thus works alongside the emotional body as its right-hand collaborator; the emotional field (left hand) is the passive medium for ‘active’ willing via the process of enforcing resistance upon it in order to respond quicker not unlike say, trying to force a bubble to rise more quickly in a container of water. But it does assume the presence of a pre-destined will (the instinct) that functions as would a snake, dog, or plant whereby to bring that ‘will’ ahead of its time (effectively personifying time) represses the instinct (the passive emotional field) to create a personal rationale (the active emotion).

This pre-destined quality manifests as actualised potential-instinct. Rather than personifying the experience the simplest life forms actualise destiny as a collective intention and intelligence. On this level action is predetermined and operates directly from the collective consciousness. But within the human individual it gives rise to the dualistic idea of an unconscious will due to his or her retrospective reasoning now manifest in actions like eating, sleeping, walking etc. Mobility and sustenance that are seen to be governed from the collective consciousness will always effect the realisation of an unconscious will, no different to that of simple life-forms. Likewise sexual procreation is rooted in this phenomena too when humanity enforces sexual conduct, personalising it and repressing the instinct into conscious will—the illusion of free will. Effectively though, to bring the sexual act forward is to generate a ripple effect in the collective emotional field so that many humans having coitus beyond their immediate pre-destined needs will cause waves through it. This reflects in the collective consciousness as general changes in sexual virility such as genetically low sperm counts, sexually transmitted disease epidemics, even continence. Such said, if humanity made a conscious effort to reduce population growth it might still be prone to the same delusion that it is controlling human destiny. Yet, if my theory is right, that man defies extinction and that is what gave rise to the technological quest to survive in alien environments, then it may also be fair to say that the repression of the instinct has allowed man to create time and space and forever live in alien environments, namely technological ones. This includes outer space. It would also suggest that he knowingly comprehends the natural carrying capacity of the earth and that it is futile to even attempt to control population through birth control due to his personified desire to maintain an alien environment. There is this submissive quality in general in man’s attempt to regulate population growth, and this because he knows the false claim he makes to his share of the spoils of earth; he has no place here anymore other than as a spiritual being. It begs the question: What is a spiritual being? A spiritual being must be one whose conscious will is in alignment with the unconscious motive, whose rationale operates as a collective consciousness for the harmony of all. A de-spiritualised landscape is an alien one. Cities are de-spiritualised for the number of persons that inhabit such areas, for the excessive sexual conduct that goes on under the loss of natural cues—for instance seasonal or climatic, or provident. The person who abstains from sexual procreation may well be drawing to God and a love of Death. God’s will can only be a reduction in population numbers whether by war or disease through the collective will. It is very ancient in its comprehension, not unlike early Christianity in its monastic mind-set, accused by some emperors for being haters of the human race. Such said, to live on earth is to be a potentiated being. To have a child would then mean to burden it through one’s act of personal un-fulfilment. Effectively, one is hoping to reach their potential through their children, even posthumously. As I say, this is the true collective will motivated from the unconscious. The motivation is to be fulfilled as a species. As religions in the past make clear, prophecy directs the individual towards God’s will, and if that means the extinction of an earthly race then having children would mean to defy God’s will. Rather what awaits the potentiated individual is Death, the death of culture and the conscious ego, and a global consciousness. It is the messianic dimension, where lineage to God is through the spirit (unconscious motive) and the Son of man (collective consciousness).

However, one must acknowledge that moving beyond culture is the means to transcending humanity. Any spiritual being comprehends and implements this, not least the meek who find fulfilment in Creation/Evolution. Such were the meek who previously managed the fields in their African and Middle-Eastern homelands but now find themselves crossing European borders. These migrants can best be put to use by repopulating the luscious countryside and offsetting the phenomenon of technological de-spiritualisation by understanding this not as a slave culture but as fulfilling one - very Christian in its comprehension. Why bring them into a Western mind-set so that they learn the same fate as their masters and continue the vicious karmic cycle of social inequality? The early Christians were also noted for their arrogance. They are being ‘taught’ to sell off their spiritual capital in order to climb the social ladder. Can we not kill two birds with one stone here? The spaceship and the alien. Comments please to

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