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Legality and frivolity: Whatever happened to the law of God?

In these times of change I had another waft of revelations or insights. I don’t always have a pen to paper so I don’t write them down, but I am content with the knowledge that wisdom is never lost, never spent, and that everybody is having these insights at some time in their lives. Even if I dream of a great tune or song I feel no urgent necessity to capture it in space and time. That would be only too human.

I adapt to the changing times; everyone should, that is what brings on insight. I wrote once,

‘If the earth moves I move with it. Such is my permanence
I merely extend from her womb. Like a baby crying out for her mother,
I nestled amongst the forts of her bosom’

I also wrote once of the prophetic nature of all life on this planet entitled ‘On the theory that death and suffering evolves all life forms’ in my very first self-publication called Being: The Evolution of Consciousness. The idea is that we are all so intricately connected with the earth’s organisms that through natural insight we receive signs and portents for the times ahead. In order to engage this level of awareness we must centre our consciousness on a very instinctive level through our primary receptors. That nature is a self-evident success story effectively informs all organisms on this planet to adapt to the oncoming changes. This is on the basis that the Earth is a global consciousness, and there is enough evidence of that put forward since time immemorial. Humans, however, base their survivalist capabilities on removing themselves from nature through technological innovation. Hence it looks for other planets to colonise. My hypothesis is that humanity survived extinction on this premise, and so started looking towards the stars.

With this context one can look at health. I try to explain my health on a metaphysical level, because that is the only way I can believe why I am suffering. To rationalise with this notion is to change the context of one’s argument, and bring it onto a human survivalist level of interpretation i.e. outside nature and through self-gratification; humanity is very conceited to say the least. This is why it doesn’t heed the environmental catastrophes that ‘litter’ our planet. Biologically, the human body is an environmental catastrophe. It is about time you realized this. Nature has been telling it to de-construct for thousands of years in the context of extinction. Quite apocalyptic don’t you think?

So, should you centre your consciousness onto an instinctive level you would read the environment very well—it is prophetic. The holy life, or the religious experience, does just that. Let’s not forget, Jesus was apocalyptic. It was a very good reason to execute him, he went against the whole of human convention to conquer nature. It was no Jew, nor Roman that condemned Jesus to the cross. It was human culture. That is why Jesus self-affirmed himself to be the Son of Man. Later this was theologically changed to read the Son of God. The apocalyptic writings understood this prophetic urge to be a child as to be rooted in the Earth and nature; every child has a right to the Kingdom of God. But on another level of comprehension the Son of Man signifies the first man under God’s law. So even though some Christians may consider this to mean the redemption of man from Adam—the fallen, anthropologically it refers to the general fall of man from the grace of God when he defied nature, and thus overpopulated the earth against its will many thousands of years ago. The Son of Man means literally ‘the son of God as a pure race untainted by materialist ambitions’. This was once very Mosaic and Israelite in its application.

If you can understand this you can understand why there is extremism in religion. At one end you have a follower religion, at the other the prophetic experience. Materialism favours the follower’s end, and this takes many forms including the technological subjugation of nature, more recently the Western Greco-Roman model. It also includes the over-population of the planet since humanity has lost many of its environmental cues for natural reproduction. If the collapse of empires isn’t enough signage to inform humanity that its rationale approach to life is out of context with the Earth’s needs, then the proliferation of disease is.

When an organism over-populates its ecological niche it throws itself out of kilt with the rest of nature, and so the unitary intelligence informs the organism that it is ill. This ‘negotiation’ between humanity and nature is so subtle that only a prophetic imagination can perceive it. Effectively, all organisms ‘negotiate’, and this is evolution. But to take away that perception is to be inhuman—the modern human being. With evolution is a spiritual awareness that leads the individual to change his or her ways, and behave accordingly. Thus every single organism on this planet is ‘negotiating’. To be inhuman is to deny this covenant.

When the planet suffers populations naturally react, as if say there was global warming, or rising sea levels, or industrial pollution etc. The natural reaction of species is to find environmental solace. For humanity, we need to contract and minimalize our impact upon the Earth. That is what is going to make us healthier. The signs are, that we will have to return to warmer climes in the tropics, as man has experienced over millions of years. The ice-ages ensured that many species returned to this ‘green belt’ around our planet. Species come and go. But humanity thought ‘better’ and thus began his technological revolution. For the religiously minded though, this is the Kingdom of God of theology, the apocalyptic vision. Extremism is trying to address this problem. Personally, my own subjective experiences tells me to leave Britain and work on the farm in Spain. That is where I am healthiest.

Imagine then, this to be the only solution that will offset the psychological and physical malaise that infects Western nations. Immigration will be a key issue. Instead of conquering and colonising other nations through war as it has done in the past, if the West could put as much time and energy into the spiritual appropriation of sub– and tropical environments it would be working towards its apocalyptic vision to sustain a smaller global population. Instead it continues to do the opposite and puts huge resources in trying to leave the planet in dealing with an expanding population. When humanity eventually leaves the planet it will become another race, the vindication of Homo sapiens technologis, whilst those remaining in the contracted model can live up to their environmentalis epithet. It follows that the biblical vision of a city in the sky may be no more than Homo sapiens technologis looking towards the stars. But the essential human being must be rooted in the Earth.

Hand in hand with the development of technological man are the ‘men of letters’, or the politico-economic sphere. They deal with the politics of living on this planet against its natural will to sacrifice human ecology. Hence our prophetic forbears like Noah and Jesus all warned of this political obeisance, and flew in the face of human convention. They were men of the land, who lived among the means to sustenance, like Moses and Abraham. Our prophetic lineage will always warn us of man’s defiance against nature.

As for modern politics truly religious people wonder at the inefficaciousness of it all. The teetering between political prejudice achieves very little; it becomes a game of words. It is part of a materialist convention abstracted from the real issues of ‘living in the land’. Central to this is the creation of cities where the masses are collated and controlled. Here, outside nature everyone abides by conventional rules. That is the cost of renouncing your environmentalis state of being. Truly, a religious country is a ‘Galilee sown from one end to another’, the breeding ground for prophetic and holy wandering men. However, the Jews that survived the massacre of the Romans were the Pharisees, the men of letters who interpreted the Bible, and the Diaspora—an uprooted people. Between them they adapted to the new European conventions and became central to the economic needs of kings, queens and other rulers as the centuries unfolded. Their banking institutions played over the political sphere because they were good at abstraction. For centuries they lived in the shadow of a Greco-Roman empire that recorded its military triumphs and studied the art of war. Cities across the empire replaced wood with stone, and the cosmopolitan centres thrived as travellers and nomads plied their trade. The blood of the empire is such, that through immigration huge amounts of money changed hands, and the banking institutions got rich on it. The Diaspora had also allowed the new religion of Christianity to thrive as the synagogues allowed Jews to give voice to ‘aberrant’ philosophies including Christianity. But any religion that continues to thrive in commercial, capitalist centres has lost its origins , especially how the now Pauline Christianity superseded the Jesus groups of the apocalyptic era. As that literature disappeared so did the hope of a mass resurrection, and Hellenism likewise influenced the philosophical virtues of a growing movement that lost its shackles of a non-universalistic Judaism.

Undoubtedly, Rome would have looked for a universal religion to bind its empire, and Judaism would never become it. What lived on in the Jew is a capitalistic theory and the meaning of ownership and property. I personally am contending with these issues now, fighting against the owners of my flat to grant me a tenancy agreement after 14-16 years of living under my parents name. When I look at the concept of ownership I realize it is a means to possession for the biological right to have a niche that one can call home. Whether that is home to the dead or living is irrelevant. It is a higher level of evolution by which things are granted, or even conceded as the case may be, as is a piece of land for a burial, a house, or a food-garden. The biblical precedent of Abram’s wife Sarah is an anthropological milestone here; cf. Zera, either “seed” or “heir”. The local Hittite tribes sold over a piece of land for burial (Gen. 23:4-6) to show their respect for an evolved person. The niche that everyone warrants is ecological. Putting down a gravestone is a way of showing continuity with the past and establishing an evolved lineage. Passing on a house or property to your children confirms the Israelite tradition that evolution continues here. Even if the property is ‘possessed’ under different owners tenancy agreements should protect that fundamental right to be able to live in peace and without molestation. That is why they should be held in perpetuity, and that the ‘shorthold tenancy agreement’ that came into power in the 1980’s under the Thatcher Government destroyed hundreds of years of inheritance in a move that gave so much power to landlords to be able to evict tenants at a short notice, mainly one month, that the capitalist empire just got greedier in order that it could raise the rents at will. If you didn’t pay you were out. Hence, we also now have the relatively fast destruction of a grassroots culture through the closure of clubs and the ramshackling of the poor to keep them off the streets in the new era of gentrification as properties are sold off for offices or luxury housing instead. Note that this is a phenomenon of an urban environment—the city—in which (d)evolution or development takes precedent.

This is one form of possession, another is to appropriate goods and carry them around if they can provide the anthropological right to travel freely. Especially also if they are the means to a livelihood. The whole Brexit argument will not affect me; I will continue to ply my trade across the British border; my olive oil production is a staple. I exercise my rights to travel to and from my birth land. The British officials certainly cannot refuse me entry, even without a passport. It is for them to prove that I don’t have a home here, nor a livelihood. Ironically, these are the factors that are being denied me. Returning back to Spain or the continent is little trickier, and requires that I also have a home there, or a livelihood. They can refuse me entry at a border, but if I provide proof of residence as a means to a livelihood then this should suffice. At this stage in the Brexit vote I should be establishing my personal requirements with officialdom through negotiating an easy transit between the countries, else they will (d)evolve into using heavy-handed methods, as they have done with travellers. Likewise they are preventing many such travellers from making money on the street as the red tape at borders extends into the (d)evolved environment of cities. I don’t doubt that the passport was once issued to negotiate this personal requirement, the meaning of which has been lost as bureaucratized cultures get paranoid with the threat of insurgents.

On a lawful level then, we should counter-culture this phenomenon by actively evolving the culture we live in, and I propose the creation of a Spiritual Courts to protect the rights of travellers and subsistence farmers. It may sound regressive but we live in an escalating–control zone that slowly (d)evolves the human into a machine, one that seeks lifeless planets that can be colonised with technological prowess. That is the right of the unhealthier Homo sapiens technologis who lives counter to nature, but as for sapiens environmentalis, to live a meek life without financial profit is our prerogative. These courts then, would acknowledge God, or Nature, as our ‘Prime Minister’, outside city politics, whereby the right to live is balanced with the right to die, in between of which we can access food and water nurtured by our own hands. This coupled with the right to travel freely in order to ply our trades are the negotiations we need to put in place now so that we establish natural law and evolve our spiritual selves with the comprehension and acceptance of the (d)evolved race around us. Our first step then, must surely be to rid ourselves of our legal status under statutory law that compromises our higher selves. This is no easy process, and in fact is a material sacrifice of sorts. Processes for the protection of the individual against antagonists need also be put in place, not least a leader that leads by example. To be continued...

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