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A materialistic law is not conducive to a spiritual renaissance

I had a dream. I found myself at an ATM looking into the deposit tray where your money comes out. It looked like some money was crunched up inside and stuck, so I poked my fingers in there and pulled out maybe £140. There was also a blank cheque, double-sided, tempting me to fill in my name. I thought about putting it back into the machine.

The lesson here is temptation. What is free money? Does it lead you to fraud in tempting you to claim more than you need, so that it would leave a physical proof that you had been seduced? A selling off of oneís spiritual capital? Ultimately the dream is asking me what is legal and what is moral.

I went to court recently and one thing I learnt is that social justice is not meted out by judges. The law is a stratum of language that obeys rules. A solicitor is capable of defining the law to suit their clientís victory no matter what moral background they may be supporting. It is not about fooling the judge either, but convincing him or her that you obeyed the rules, and the more adept you are the more likely you are to succeed This particular judge was very capable at remembering and portraying a legal battle between a lay person trying to make sense of the legal system without a solicitor, and a solicitor doing everything to hide the facts of a corrupt housing association that claims to be a charity. My defence was, for all intents and purposes, thrown out even though I filed a ďvery commendableĒ account of the situation. Helix Housing Association, on the other hand, would not admit to granting me a tenancy which was still in my parentís name, when I knowingly took over the property for 16 years and they retired to Spain. What didnít make sense is how a judge could not grant me a tenancy agreement yet still penalize me for unpaid rents, and that after I won the right to be a third defendant. Despite communications between myself and Helix going back many years, more recently due to the fact that Helix condemned the property as untenable in an attempt to get rid of me, telling me that no-one must live there, and in spite of repairing it, this was not proof of Tenancy, yet I still would have to pay lost rents. At least I had time to appeal, maybe before Lambeth County courts is converted into luxury housing and offices. Three months on, in spite of contacting the courts, the appeal has also gone into hiding.

It was all rather short notice. I had only just picked my olives and pressed them when I decided to come back to London to buy a van. My defence was scheduled for March 2017 so I was content in the fact that it had been filed and I could get on with earning hard-needed cash. After this arrangement my parents said they had received another letter from the Claimantís solicitors in the last week of November. Unexpectedly there was a hearing date for the beginning of December, an application N244 made one month earlier. The solicitors sent another bundle of notes to add to the mountain already received, mainly replicas, and only by luck had I already booked a cheap flight. Either my parents withheld the Notice before giving it to me, or they just blatantly ignored it, such is my predicament. Suffice to say, when I got back to London there was no notification of the hearing from the courts, only more copies of the letters and Offense from the solicitors. I concluded two reasons, either A materialistic law is not conducive to a spiritual renaissance or my parents did not want me to defend the case, maybe to acting under duress due to the strength of my Defence and likely conspiratorial elements to it, or the notification went missing in order to delay any further evidence that I may be able to present to the courts.

This is more than conjecture. Just before I had left for Spain previous to that last occasion I looked for my Spanish sim card in the place where I knew I left it, amongst other sim cards and some other personal stuff; it wasnít there. I checked over and over, important as it is to communicate with me in Spain other than the temperamental landline that my parentís answer. If they donít know the person on the other end they are likely to put down the phone such is my situation. Previous readers may be aware of the similar hacking and bugging experiences I have experienced over the last years. So after looking 5 or 6 times in the pot where I knew I had left the sim card I went to Spain without it. On returning I went straight to that pot; the sim card was there in its obvious glory, looking up at me. Not to dwell on my presumptions too long I got on with earning some cash and tried to prepare for my case.

A client who had been sharing my garage had been refusing to shift his equipment for the last nine months. The day before the court case he eventually moved it, allowing me the room to put some stuff from my home in there in the inevitability of being thrown out of my flat forcefully. His reasons were that he hadnít received my texts over the past nine months, although I sent a few to his wife as well as speaking to her. In conclusion to my point, I wasnít mentally prepared to deal with a court case as I was still in a different timeflow living on the farm in Spain. My rationale and philosophy of life also hung around my neck in trying to justify why a solicitor with less education than me, less talent, less experience of life, can charge £150ó200 per hour for their services, in order to take on another solicitor. Only the legal bodies benefit here. The intimidation is all too apparent such that whilst trying to prepare mentally my Defence the claimantís solicitors gave me yet another bundle of notes just before entering into the hearing. I read them quickly, mainly replicas and photocopies of receipts, and found out that they had a new solicitor; the former had resigned. There was some confusion at first, the District Judge wanting to understand why the case had been brought forward, because it sufficed that now I had had to cobble together my Defence with an order to justify why I should have one in the first place. My parents, by default of not turning up, had their defences struck out. The judge said I could not defend them, but my need was not without foresight. I had written to the courts requesting Power of Attorney, but it was not granted. Meanwhile my parents are housebound and my father dying of cancer in Spain and was never going to come. In fact, my father had his own agenda, having sent his Notice to Quit to Helix Housing without notifying me (I saw the photocopy of his signature in the new bundle of notes). The judge, however, appeared to help me in light of having no legal representation. When he asked me for the letter my father wrote explaining why he could not attend he asked for a copy. Surely the courtís clerks should have made this available? I was already told I couldnít represent them. He also asked me for a copy of a letter Helix sent to me condemning the building as unsafe and refusing anyone the right to live there. I couldnít find it even though the judge had a copy himself among my defence report. At this stage my notes were strewn across the table. The judge had a massive wad of correspondences from the claimant at his disposal and my letter would have been lost in it; the judge actually admitted to not reading my full defence, no doubt due to time constraints.

We can highlight then a number of problems with the legal system. Remembering also that I had been fobbed off by the free legal advice centres.

  • It is corporate-controlled and hence financially motivated
  • It transcends culture and takes the fight away from the actual contenders
  • It has its own language and communication channels that require studying law to understand it
  • It doesnít pertain to deal with social justice, only legal obligation
  • It is prone to specialist knowledge that creates class distinction in society
  • Free legal advice is available, likewise burdened with applicants as are the courts, but only mainly offers a cursory resolution effectively fobbing off the people who cannot afford to pay for an adept solicitor
  • The system is not challenged from within yet we hear stories all the time of corruption between corporate bodies, including law firms, police and government services

  • Not to dwell on this point, it was not a solution to the matter at hand-saving my flat and my Church. On this issue it would certainly have been a miracle if I could convince the judge that my home was my Church - Solteriologic Garden - created out of my own hands. In a previous correspondence to the housing association I had informed them that a removal from these premises would inflict a psychological damage not solely through the loss of my business but, and I doubt if they could understand this, through the loss of my spiritual integrity. A judge would only see the legal situation at hand applicable to Housing Law. In fact he told me that there was no case for Family Law either in my attempt to get the tenancy passed down from my parents to a child. Maybe he was goading me in a particular direction. But I did something very unique and at a sacrifice of my legal commerce. I produced a Notice of Understanding and Intention and Claim of Right (NOUICOR). This alone set in process a psychological twist that probably had more to do with my oral failure to defend my grounds under Housing Law than the rogue tenant who would not remove his property from my rented garage. The basis of this notice fulfilled an inner desire of mine to get the housing association to concede on various points in order to uphold justice. My personal philosophy states that I am only to condemn those who admit to their crimes as this would entail their spiritual evolution, a sacrifice of their materialistic incentives. In court I had even asked Helix if they would admit to acting under duress, without response.

    I hand delivered this notice to the housing association without reply. It obviously did not avail. As I write this from Spain I doubt whether an appeal (now 3 months) could go through, as the phone is continually engaged and they wonít respond to my emails. I have no intention of living in a house if such said, I must endure an ungrateful society who fear veering off the legal track to support a new lawful system. Yes an appeal would be based on Human Rights. Providence deals me an alternative hand. What might be a solution to a country losing its socialist politics?

  • Mitigating greed and capitalism in the legal Sector by capping wages
  • Preventing legal representation between law firms who exchange information and only agreeing if they are both affordable
  • Bringing the fight back to the contenders under a panel of judges who would postevaluate evidence not legally represented
  • Setting up a review body to regulate and undo the actions of aberrant decisions
  • Developing a process of spiritual law outside mainstream religion within a new court house
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