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Proposal to set up an international volunteer exchange system

South London Permaculture is looking for partners who can help implement a cross-cultural volunteer system that benefits the individual in relation to their cultures, and for the exchange of commerce, knowledge, social salience, and friendship. It is based on a non-political philosophy of selfless giving that relegates financial incentives but promotes spiritual awareness. The founding idea is to create something more than an economic model. It is a philosophy of holistic design whereby the biological and ecological nature of sustainable systems provides the central motive to be able to create human systems. It is permaculture with the added emphasis of spiritual evolution. The founding stone is procreation, land regeneration and homeostasis, and in order of priority the proposal is to enhance the individual through the awareness of:

  • 1.Biodiversity and evolution
  • 2.Sustentation and life expectancy
  • 3.Commensality and minded adaptation
  • 4.Self-actualisation and discrimination
  • 5.Embodied power and resourcefulness
  • 6.Creation, providence and praise
  • 7.Origins, Godhead and Being

    The practical means are both explicit and implicit. This will be a program to develop the individual and show how the quality of life can be enhanced through environmental awareness and providence. Especially it will deal with underprivileged persons of any race, religion or sex to appreciate life simply and itinerantly. The goal is to see the individual able to transcend cultural norms and to provide for its furtherance innovation, technical ability, insight, and pedagogy towards its spiritual advancement. In the process the aspiration is to set up other international centres with the same aims.

  • It is not a religious model, but spiritual.
  • It will be a decentralised form of authority in which the individual is enhanced.
  • It will depend on selfless giving and providence as enacted through the environment.

    The above priorities are all fields in which society can be enhanced so that the individual can move in and out of culture through the experience of receiving different influences. There are existing models out there that purport to enhance cultural relations. In terms of permaculture I am proposing for its further development a spiritual arm.

    Partners need to help flesh out the mechanisms in order to develop predominantly a self-organising system. In terms of promotion one must first look towards existing projects and groundwork that will facilitate this process. I am proposing that for future development my farm in Catalonia would become the principle initiator and hospital for volunteers, with an eye towards receiving more land for further regeneration and expansion. The system must contribute and improve the hosting nations own objectives. It must also work with governing authorities towards its surveillance and accountability, providing information exchange, dialogue, and planning possibilities.

    Please contact SLP.

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