The Indigenous Movement of People (IMP)


One may rue the day that the world will become no more than a bureaucratic jungle, but that day is already here, and it is ever tightening its noose around the free expression of humanity. I propose 4 tenets to the above nomenclature:
These are:
  • The right to free water
  • The right to free food
  • The right to free shelter
  • The right to die

  • Ethos:

    It implicates a set of ethical precepts themselves constituting a sustainable approach to the environment. Not least is to derive these basic resources from the locality one finds themselves in. This cannot be an intrusion into other people’s lives, but simply a commitment by the indigene to forsake the bureaucratic world and just make do of what is available. The indigene is more deeply connected to the land because he or she subsists from it. The indigene doesn’t steal another’s home, or thieve another’s food. Rather, only food lovingly grown and earnestly gained is his or her right, as is the right to build a shelter for their livelihood out of what materials are honestly obtained. The need to squat a vacant dwelling should only be a temporary state of affairs until that indigene can build their own home. Wells can be dug for water, on the basis that it is safe to do so without harm to any users of that source. That indigene can make use of any employment agencies without having the need to subscribe to the national fiscal system – he gives labor honestly and expects to get paid. But he or she is also free to create their own monetary funds and trading systems. The one basic principle to the whole of the above concept is to live sustainably according to the understanding of the indigene based on his or her ability to follow through the 4 tenets. In this is rooted the indigene’s spirituality and the fundamental necessity to offer people an alternative lifestyle and a pragmatic reminder of what is healthy. Support our indigenous movements, travelers and boaters, squatters and self-builders.

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