Personal/Holistic Science

I can make no claim to personal academic knowledge. What you read on this page are solely my own experiences and how I have implemented them through my permaculture activities. Some of them have become one-off presentations, others I am developing through my teaching. Such is my personal development that I make no disclaimer. If I have utilised material from other sources then it is only in reference. As such the body of material presented here will become the inspiration for the production of a new book. My previous literature will also be available here, as will my songs as they develop. Feel free to quote my material without permission, but plagiarism and reproduction for the purposes of making money I strictly prohibit. Such activities could only make my life more interesting; I used to think that defending my disposition was a matter of statutory law and that the best place was the courts. Due to recent experiences I have lost complete interest in dealing with jurisdiction other than through my indigenous prerogative. Others may better understand this as the common law.

Books & Songs

  • Book 1 Being - The Evolution of Consciousness

  • Book 8 - Songs & Poems

    Story workshops

  • The Green Man Play

  • The Birth of Taliesin from Ceridwen

  • Once upon a time there lived a boy called Jack

  • Down E. Birch

  • Forest in the Fire

  • The Cedar Kings

  • Wesley the Worm

    Design Sessions

  • The Definitive Guide to Holmgrem's Principles
  • Animal & plant husbandry

  • Ways of perceiving

  • Earth in Mind & Matter

  • Water Water Everywhere

  • Coming up for Air

  • Spirit of Design Fruit of Our Labour

  • Managing Time and Energy in a Permacultural Context

  • Soteriologic Garden - Options & Decisions Diagram

  • Water Catchment in Landscapes
  • Selecting for Fruit Trees - Flow Diagram
  • Anthropological Permaculture
  • The Holistic Design Series

  • Read me

  • Land Regeneration - The Ecological & Spiritual Imperative

  • Evolving the Sacred

  • Designing an Orchard

    Articles, Reports & Essays

  • Forest Gardening - A Natural Critique

  • Organics & Permaculture

  • Soteriologic Garden Fact Sheet

  • Energy Systems at CAT

  • Energy in the Home
  • Journal Article - Was Gandhi a Forerunner for the Modern Environmental Movement?
  • A Critical Analysis of Environmentally and Culturally Friendly Tourism
  • Anthropology: Towards an Understanding of Animals
  • Cultural Values in Terms of Edelman
  • Book Review - Small is Beautiful
  • Cross Cultural Differences in Burial Practices
  • Ancestors as an Analytical Tool
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