To further the benefits of children by introducing them to traditional practices. In creating an arena in which they can learn they are expected to integrate with their environment on a greater sensual level from that normally experienced in modern lifestyles. Here they are encouraged to develop mind/body relationships in preparation for adulthood and in so doing prepare them for a long-term future via the application of permaculture principles and ethics.

VISION: To implement the foundations of an education system on the basis of the above mission with a view to nurturing design methodology. This school will hopefully pioneer the next generation of teachers for the necessary delegation of responsibility and dissipation of knowledge to the greater masses. The intent is to mitigate the effects of global warming and to prepare the worldwide population for a transition to fossil fuel energy decline.

METHODOLOGY: Using a yurt, or a number so, as a mobile school at various festivals and locations around the United Kingdom. The intent is to create a self-sustaining system in which every different habitat and location will provide the resources necessary for its success. These include volunteers, materials, skills, tools, and revenue. Through the regular movement of the project it is the desire of South London Permaculture to generate a repertoire of learning aids which can be relied upon, as well as provide opportunities for teacher training, experience and paid work. The project shall make itself available to all educational groups whilst seeking to document and construct a written, practical learning guide. This guide is to be publishable and accessible to other education groups. The name of the project Re-LEAF is an acronym for:


All workshops shall be delivered under these headings or a combination of them. It is not always the intent to reside or work from a yurt, since the vision necessitates the development of a much larger program. But the use of traditional techniques as far as possible is desirable.

PHILOSOPHY: The name Re-LEAF signifies a play on the pun, for relief in its normal sounding sense can apply to excessive heat or excessive cold, as well as protection from wind, rain and all other severe weather conditions. Using the word ‘leaf’ also indicates the environmental, and in particular, ecological tendencies of this project. For instance, the leaf is the energy-manufacturing organ of the plant or tree and thus forms the essential edge between sunlight and earth. As an interface for energy conversion and outward growth, the child is seen here to simulate this process, maturing as it does and contributing to the health of the greater whole. This communal responsibility is what will form the ethical basis of the foundation school project and thus generating a spiritual awareness of one’s own kind. Re-LEAF then is asking the reader to reference energy in transformation. For a working example of this click on the link PAB Convergence kids learning week.