Green Man Fayre

The Green Man fayre 28th August 2006. And it rained, but just for the morning; a huge downpour. That may have been enough to deter my iron forger but I hoped to provide enough activity to keep everyone entertained. In fact, the afternoon sunshine was beautiful, in this soteriologic garden, intersiticing the dappled shade. Big thanks to Mark the beekeeper, exceptionally busy throughout the afternoon. Honey harvest day, I am told, falls on this last bank holiday Monday of the month. Even though Andy the baker was just a stone throw away I couldn’t quite get the two together for bread and honey. Our outdoor cob oven, shaped into something unusual but definitely masculine looking, was rigged up with temperature probes, as Bertie (once Betty before her face lift) started producing its best bread ever. This was a real opportunity to look into the mind of a technologist and to glean some useful information. In the other corner Cathy and Tracey were amusing masses of children making clay green man faces utilising the abundance of leaves and twigs in this woodland setting. At the apple press was set up and my friend Dave Smith was doing a sterling job. The authentic Italian press was donated by Andy How of North London LETS and this is its third year in operation with me. Putting it right next to the entrance as punters signed their way in was an example of permaculture multi-functionality. In the last corner was the yurt, typically a Mongolian design that sits beautifully as a workspace. There Amelia done some hand spinning whilst others found it as a relaxation or meditation space. I was positioned next to it using a hand-built pole late and shave horse making oak pegs, typical implements of the woodland crafter. This whole area was the northern tip of the Great North Woods that used to extend down to Croydon, and would have been coppiced extensively. If one looked carefully the spirit of the woods was roaming amongst the trees, but this green friend of mine has no single name. Well done for everyone else who helped with the outdoor cooking, and the book and plant stalls. Ginger beer was freely available.