Festival of Life

Festival of Life 10th September 2006. I said it last year, and I say it again. These vegans….they are only in it for the smoothies and sweet cakes. But that is unfair. Just because they don’t buy plants doesn’t mean they can’t have a good time. My report for the day was one of personal enjoyment. Thanks to the organisers I had a very good spot next to the exit door in the foyer. I brought all sorts of exotics as well as a good stand of native weeds. Of about the five plants I sold the obvious choices were the ones that looked colourful. No doubt resembling a tasty smoothie or ornamental sweet cake. But that is unfair. If they are not into growing the things they are certainly into eating as much as possible on these occasions. And I have to admit, there were certainly some tasty looking women around. Question: Are healthy looking people generally good looking? This is a very interesting point. People who binge on crap food end up looking ugly, suffering from malnutrition, obesity, a correlative lack of exercise in accord with bad habits, skin allergies etc. But vegan food is great stuff and this I will agree with. Only that you have to eat lots of it or cull one’s own physical activities because of the lack of energy. I have worked with vegans and they can get quite air-headed and tired quickly. I am not a vegan, nor a vegetarian, but I rarely buy meat because I deliver organic vegetables every week, and that is the extent of my shopping. So a little bit of meat for me allows for prolonged physical activity and nobody is going to argue about my athletic looks. My philosophy is one of a noble mendicant; I only eat meat if it is offered to me i.e. when my family or friends make me dinner. I suppose the next best efficient thing I could do as a permaculturist is gobble up a vegan once in a while. That way I benefit from their healthy bodies and good looks at the same time. Ahh ha! Now I can see the attraction in smoothies. But I am not cynical. This is a good event to get permaculture out to a growing movement, and there is a big influence happening here. This festival is about sensible living and community. The buzz and ambient energy about the place brings people from afar. There was enough workshops and entertainment for all the family to enjoy themselves. I stayed to the end to provide my own bit of personal music, which the privileged few indulged in. But I have an idea for next year – this being my third year now, on the basis that I will be invited. How about an edible walkway at the entrance whilst all their personal belongings are sent though on a conveyor belt to check for bombs and knives (and the odd purse or two). Am I really cynical???