Solstice Satire

Solstice Satire 23rd December 2006. A small turnout as expected, but this time we had the yurt. The evening was mild, but we had put down straw all over the site to stop the damp from coming up and causing the ground to muddy. No ven, just a lovely fire and loads of mince pies. There was also 3 types of homebrew cider on the go, including my own. I also managed to crack off a few songs, and I was on form this time. The yurt still generates fascination. The inside was decked with hangings and I managed to find a lovely coffee table being thrown out by one of my clients. I also borrowed a wood burner, although it didnít quite fit the flue so consequently smoke billowed out. When I sealed up the gaps the flames burned through it. This is definitely a project for next year with new volunteers wanting to take it on. It was surprisingly warm, and for a short while the smoke had dissipated enough to allow some real comfort, although I would say that sleeping tin it that night was difficult; no doubt the smoke and the tree roots had something to do with it. If any volunteers out there can get hold of some free decking it would be much appreciated. I have decided that this event will be a self-design for anybody who wants to get involved. It should be a time of poetry and story, so bear that in mind. I wish I could show you a picture of the place as it stands in winter; it is absolutely gorgeous. It actually looks like a biblical scene. If I canít get Pan up for next year then maybe one of his kind will do. There just arenít any reindeer nowadays. One last thing, I noticed that the lit-up church on the hill is in fact a larger version of our yurt. Others commented that the church looked like the moon on the horizon. When I first looked for this site three years ago the church was not in the equation. But now I see that it creates a fantastic backdrop. I feel as if I am in its back garden.