Festival of Life

Festival of Life 2nd September 2007. Set at the back of a St. Paulís Church, converted so that it can run as a Steiner school, this became one of our most successful events of the year, despite losing some very expensive plants to thieves. We had the press set up and got adults and children involved in pressing for juice. I had cider on the go, and the plant stall looked really impressive situated as it were in the garden. It was a miracle how we got that many plants in a small estate without damaging them. As usual the Brugmansii or Angelís Trumpet attracted great attention with its bell-like flowers. It seems to be a poplar plant among esoteric vegans.

This was comparatively a small event for the organisers, compared to the previous large ones at Kensington and Red Lion Square. Festivals seem to be costly enterprises nowadays. My greatest achievement of the day was doing swapsies with a teenager who tried out my cider for a glass of her grass juice. I think I was more interested in the beautiful girl.