Apple Day

Apple Days 13th & 21st October 2007. These were two very different events. The first was organised by that most avid cider drinker Ian who, like me, has a passion for apples. Running the event at One Tree Hill allotments at the community project me and Ken looked on as a good attendance of about 30 people turned out. We tried not to interfere too much but offered pizzas and cake to the hard workers. These included lots of locals and children. They made use of the new stage we built during September and produced astounding amounts of juice.

The second event was run by myself at Woodlands Farm, as part of a much larger procession. We were situated in the barn and didnít need to organise any games as these were being run by some of the many other stalls on site. There was a chance to see a mobile Victorian press in action, with its own conveyor belt. We had the smaller hand press that kids got thoroughly involved with, whilst selling some lovely bottled apple juice. I also sold a few grafted apple trees and gave some informative talks. It was a glorious day, and the pig's Christmas party came round early as usual too.