Funky Raw

Funk Raw 15-18th August 2008. Its first time on this location gave the farmer a tentative approach since he wanted to see how the festival would progress. As it goes me and Ken got there for the weekend and missed a bunch of workshops. It was a small location, but the set-up was well sheltered and cozy with use of the barn space allowing evening entertainment. We typically went out into the open with the apple press. With a load of apples it is one of the few ways we could have contributed to this event since the food on display was amazing to say the least. Our lazy start to the date gave me a meditative approach which would culminate with a workshop on backgarden permaculture. I decided to use the time in the year - August - to start with an apple grafting technique. I didn't see much of what else was going on but there is no doubt that raw foodists generally have a much healthier aura about them. They can be very beautiful people to look at. It actually reminds me of the Jainist tradition of women who fast everty other day for a whole year, in order to attain the glow of Godliness about them. More on the virtues of raw food will follow in ensuing years.