Urban Green Fair

Urban Green Fair August 31st 2008. As predicted, the rain stopped at 12pm and recommenced at 7.30pm. If only the other 3,ooo punters knew as much. Still ,for most of us it was a thoroughly successful day. Full reports and photos of the whole event can be obtained from the website at http://www.urbgangreenfair.org Some people couldn’t turn up, but at the SLP-run Food & Garden Zone the highlights of the day were 3 events . The first was the bread baking competition, which promises to be a massive hit. There were over 60 entries in this first year. The area run by Andy Forbes, a keen baker and winner on the day, was celebrated by the likes of Dan Lepard and some local restaurateurs who judged for 9 categories for both local and professional bakers. Suffice to say, the display of all the entrants was just poetic art. See the pics and list of winners and some commentary from Dan up at http://www.brockwell-bake.org.uk/ and http://www.myplot.org/gallery.php?project=35 and other nice pics compiled by Dan here.
The other highlight was Peter Turski’s Passionfruit garden set. Myself (Merlyn) and Peter worked day and night at his nursery to get the thing built. It included a walkway that allowed an overview of the green roof. Of course, we had a drive porch and some interesting use of plants to provide shelter and a concrete-free garden. (I wondered who parked that Austin Allegro there – just a bit of embodied energy). Passionfruit can be contacted here for availability of plants and displays.

Lastly, at least 12 of us in the yurt were spellbound by the account given by Atif on the Palestinian plight of economic suppression and the need for internationals to assist in the export of the country’s first organically certified and Fairtrade label Zaytoun. Contact Atif at Zaytoun and email.

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