Evelyn Community Gardens

Evelyn Community Gardens. An oasis in the middle of urbania. Underneath the gaze of high risers this small area is a visual feast for locals. No wonder there is minimal vandalism, for this place quietly harkens to a long lost memory. What these residents living in flats must think is probably a mixture of guilt and deep respect, for the opportunity is there for all to join in. But they don't. It seems the art is preserved by the foreigners, and then it is the elder generation who have come over to Britain's shores. Evelyn Community Gardens has been going for around 5 years now for which a full report can be read in SLP's Autumn newsletter for 2008. In that time they have established various structures including an extensive reed bed system, a polytunnel, various raised beds and paths, the beginnings of a forest garden, a shed, and a wind generator. With my entry I have introduced various design principles including strawbale culture planted up with green manures, grafted family fruit trees, espalier-trained apple trees, alternative edibles, and general crop production based around permaculture principles like no-dig systems for instance. There is a lot of work to do here, and the unbuilt potting area, the children's area, the compost toilet and a fully planted up aqua culture are great opportunities to learn a huge amount. I hope to return in the following year developing varous aspects of this project.