Peckham Canal Bridge Green fayre

Peckham Canal Bridge Green fayre 20th September 2008. Most of the proceeds of this event went to the Spike community project in their bid to raise funds for their salvation. I situated my stall on the main plaza of Peckham Square, overlooking the stage area and music put on by Spike. Across the way were various stalls including Food Up Front displaying their vegetable boxes. I managed to set up my own stall of colour by displaying a range of plants, albeit they were more ornamental than edible. I hope to rectify this position in the future in order to make people more aware of the edibility of plants. Most plants get sold at the end of the event, and I found people wanting them for practically nothing. Still, what I had left I crammed into an (infamous) Austin Allegro and sold to some clients at a later date. Again the Datura or Angel's Trumpet was a hit with its large aromatic flowers.

The other big hit was the apple press - kids just love it. Greener Ventures were there showing their booty, but as the situation gets sticky with them also most of the apples that I had harvested from people's gardens had to be pressed since Greener Ventures were not in a position to sell them on this year whilst they seek a new depot of operations. Some of the pears I had were just enormous, and sweet too. If we could expect this type of crop of pears and apples every wet summer I certainly wouldn't be complaining. There are plenty of other countries to go to for the sun.