Halloween Party 29th October 2005 A lovely short event attended by 20+ children between the ages of 6 and 9 years. They were absolutely engrossed in the woodland setting and soon began running around and climbing trees. For the first time I sat down alone and worked the oven. It was tight to get it going but after I realised what the problem was, that being the wood was too green, it stimulated the need to build an adequate wood shelter. Now, there was an open fire as well as a bread oven, and both were hot. So I got the children gathered and spelt out the rules, for which they all obeyed ‘til the end. This was followed by my story telling which abruptly came to an end; the children were too excited and screamed out for more action. They soon got that with games like pinning a tail to the cat whilst blindfold, pass the parcel and smashing the pumpkin. During this time I was busily making pizzas and bread, and found that the children got involved towards the end – mainly the girls. It was a fun time had by all, and the parents showed interest in coming back again. There was talk of going into the school bulletin/newsletter, which could generate regular school visits. Now, I didn’t plan the event, so storytelling would probably be more appropriate when children are tired. To run regular plays here is an ambition to realise.