Festival Of Life

Festival of Life 27th September 2008. Back to Red Lion Square but this time it seemed to be a case of avoiding the traffic wardens. Anyhow, once we got set up everything was fine. Like the Peckham fayre before, the edibility of my plants were low, and again the Angel's Trumpet always seems to do well. This plant, I hear, can be imbibed for its narcotic effects, and that if done with negligence could kill a person. I didn't have much time for the stalls inside, but rather prepared for a discussion on Permaculture gardening and edible plants. The room was packed to the brim, and I feel some raw foodists are looking towards me to promote their cause through permaculture. I can only be honest with these people, that even though their cause is strong and noble it just feels a long way from my evolution all the time I live on my tod in an urban environment. But I have a reputation now, and even though they are a small group, I seem to be invited to many of their do's. Apple pressing is as far as I get concerning raw food although I enjoy just munching straight from the garden. My philosphy is that raw food allows the full potential of the individual to live out hise or her life, and is effectively a return to primitive nature where food was abundant. What some people probably do not understand is that on migrating from their food forests ancestral primates changed their diet and subsequently their habits, thus causing a continued need for adaptation. With food security diminishing man reverted, in my opinion, to a heavy meat diet. This required a change of constitution and a biological alteration. I believe that from here the evolution of the mind excelled because of this constant dietary change and need to adapt, thus embarking man on a less-than-full potential as the body was required to develop new processes that necessitated greater energy demands. The fullness of living from this moment onwards became an act of transcendence to go beyond the "new" human development back to a primitive dietary habit such as experienced by primates.