Apple Days

Soteriologic Garden 11th October 2008; Maiden Lane Community Gardens 18th October & Woodlands Farm 19th October. One incredible week where I exhausted all my supply of apples. In fact, I had to go to High Wycombe in order to gather the last of my apple glut, the type of which tasted delicious. As usual I collected a mass of windfall that were peppered with pheasant bites. The morning dew had set me up nicely and I managed a good quantity for an already laden car. The first of my apple days was at my own plot. Unfortunately even this annual event was required by the allotment committee 6 months notice. I thought a year's notice would suffice. Instead we ran it as a private event, and loads of kids turned up for it including clients. It was the best food I have ever tasted at the allotments. The day ended with some improptu storytelling around the fire.

Maiden Lane was the responsibility of my colleague Ken whilst I was away teaching. When I rendezvoux with him he was already doing perfectly well, and so I thought it was right just to let him get on with it. Maiden Lane is a run-down community housing that can boast some fruit trees themselves. Unfortunately they have grown out of hand and the idea is to plant up a new orchard using grafted varieties. More on this will follow, especially if I get the teaching role.

Woodlands Farm is always a favourite place to return. We wait to see what their long-term vision is but so long as I hang in there I am sure that their very extensive apple, pear, plum and cherry orchard could get a bit of my attention, and a host of courses could follow. I sold all my trees there and most of my apple juice, so overall it was a very good day. I made some very interested contact. We wait to see if anything develops from it, but at least two independent groups showed an interest in my press and wanted me the following year.