Indigenous Man Party

Soteriologic Garden 24th August. This was more like a fond farewell. Attended by just a few people it would signify what remained of my community work on the allotment. There is very little to say about it, only that I changed the name of the title to represent the cultural background of people who remain on my network. We did the normal thing like baking and making a bonfire for the kids. I also tried to encourage some storytelling or poetry based around the idea of indigenous rights/rites. It is probably a good time here to state some of the beliefs I have developed over the last 2 years.

One has been this natural responsibility towards the land. If I provide a natural service to plants and animals, including humans, then I feel that children and their guardians become the human channel for my work. Not any old people but specifically children because in that immature state the fundamental experiences of their life go on to fashion their developing belief systems. Thus to encourage storytelling around legendary and historical accounts is to open up the imagination, but at the same time to link it to those parts of the brain that respond to familial and ancestral sentiments. For instance, the Green Man represents that rootedness to nature and can be seen in such figures as Robin Hood, the Incredible Hulk, aliens and so forth. The reasoning behind this is that they all show some superhuman abilities that gives their place and source of power somewhere in the beyond. That is, they are closer to God because of their other-worldly attributes. Thus the importance of storytelling allows us to stay in touch with our ancestral homeland which itself becomes the inspiration and source for creative outlets. This is a factor of music and many other arts and crafts. I did have a friend who came along and played some lovely violin also. Baking traditional recipes is also another way of 'staying in touch'. We pressed apples that day for juice. I still have that press - it has become the most successful icon of my permaculture business.