Festival of Life

Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn 26th September. Well, I was a bit reluctant to accept this offer of a free plant stall. On top of this I asked to give a talk. Having done this festival for the last 3 years it was out of loyalty, and I suppose I didn't want to let the organisation down after all their support. But I have been through my vegetarian years and I was beginning to visualise my existence in Spain as a hunter. Both the FoL and Funky Raw are raw foodists events. What do they want with me? It surfaces that I was being goggled by some of the same motivators who manage Ecoforest, again another raw food project in Andalucia, Spain although they accept omnivores on the basis that they do not use the kitchen area. The FoL are members of the Permaculture Association Britain (PAB) and in the last decade there has been a surge from the movement to assimilate the basic principles of permaculture. In fact, I found it quite threatening because of their diluted policies regarding the use of animals, the likes of which proponents of mixed farming have been flagging up as the traditional answer to real sustainability. Saying that, there is no doubt that raw foodists radiate an energy that brings out a dynamic atmosphere and a beauty. (I wish I had space here to philosophize on my theories of the collective consciousness.)