Apple Days

Woodlands Farm Trust, Shooters Hill 17th October. By far the most successful SLP event of the year. In terms of a commercial enterprise I really got my act together with minimal fuss. Whilst the farm covered my expenses I made a tidy packet on some home-made jams, vinegar and Somerset cider. A couple of plant collectors came round and got a good deal also. I had not progressed so much on the fruit tree side of things though. But I was so busy that I had no time until afterward to view the heritage orchard which has something like 100-150 trees. On checking out some of my previous plantings the lack of maintenance is second to none. Not only wind damage, but weed competition and general stunted growth! I found this a little upsetting and immediately sought to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, the trust has no extra expense to pay for such work and relies entirely on volunteer contributions. The way forward is obviously a permaculture, one in which the farm can generate its own income through courses and tree sales. I have proposed this and await an answer, especially since it could tie in with my idea of a commemorative planting scheme, to the effect where local residents will visit the site of a tree planted in honour of a special occasion, and likewise getting involved with the maintenance. The Woodlands Farm Trust is one of the most potential sites where the commitment and loyalty of its sponsors and visitors could really put it on the map. As usual, apple day was a raging success with the Mayor joining in the fun. Like all these days the kids remember you from the year before, and it is quite heartening to see them take over the equipment and pressing.