Apple Days

Urban Green Fair, Brockwell Park 10th September 2010. I have previously referred to this event as a party piece. Some very special things happened, not only the urban guerrilla commemorative tree planting. (See the story opposite) The impromptu creation of a garden over two days was a mini miracle. A load of bamboo canes pushed into the ground to form the shape of an apple, and then strung together with old tennis nets and string. The whole thing was woven with Parthenocissus, a plant that grows like a weed over the derelict changing rooms. At that time in the year the colour of the leaves are brilliant red, and the berries added a real festive feel to the place. As usual the festival was slow to get off the ground but eventually a few people used it as the intended picnic space. My one happiest moment came when we played apple games with the kids, and I remember shouting off the top of my head as they ran around the area with apples jammed under their chin. I donít know what Michael Meacher thought whilst he was being interviewed, but he was in good company to say the least. CONTRIBUTIONS for next yearís event is necessary.