Apple Days

Growing Southwark, Peckham 19th September. Orignally I was just supposed to deliveer the apple press and collect at completion of the fun day. As it turned out the small community atmosphere was serenaded by an old work buddy playing and singing beautiful jazz. Food was freely available, and the trickle of people passing in and out gave a very relaxed atmosphere to the whole event, situated as it is amongst one of the prime residential areas under regeneration in Southwark. A beekeeper, an Ethiopian coffee vendor, and lots of West Indian activity brought the cultural aspects to the fore. I even joined in the scrap band musical jam session whilst I felt assured that the apple pressing was going responsibly. In fact, the sheer amount of produce this year produced a glut that left many apples rotting. Still, nothing is wasted since everything gets composted. When the time comes to move on I will probably donate my equipment to an organisation such as them.