Apple Days

Festival of Life, Red Lion Square. The captain was down, the vigorous youth who commandeered the rest of the kids. Once we got the safetly issues over I left them to it. The kids from the other stalls came over too and loads of swaps were made between food and apple juice. Plants are never a good seller here but I get paid for this one and it really makes the difference. Not only that the dance event afterward is a real cracker to let go in. WE had our differences this year, apparently I left too much apple peel laying around.The scrooge behind the coffee bar who gets all the free custom still doesn't join in the barter exchange. Anyway, someone told me coffee was bad for you. I let the kids take what they wanted including the tonnes of scrumptious apples we had since this year was a bumper crop, I mean I was laden with fruit. The pears especially were eye openers, huge yellow sweet things and sold for 50p each. Ummmh.. I wonder what next year will bring?