Destination Palestine

Destination Palestine 2012 March to August. The book has been written and is available through my journal in instalments. Go to the Market page to order any number of copies which include the serialised version of my books and contributions from other authors. The beauty of this journal format is the layout of photographs and the foreword to each section. However, I have an electronic version complete to offer which is a file too large to send due to the amount of images inside it. Entitled 'The Travelogues Vol 1: I am Augustus Ceasar Merlyn Peter of the House of Elias Jacob, Son of Richard, Conqueror of the 15 Nations, and Descended from Mother Earth' I can send you a copy via other means. Please contact the author. For the original blog site you can find it here. (Due to the Posterous platform terminating the blogsite has been uploaded to Wordpress in a rather haphazard way.)