Apple Day

Festival of Life, Red Lion Square 29th September. Coming straight of the back of a huge bike ride to Lebanon from Spain this was the only event I had time for, and it was gorgeous. Mary Fee, coordinator of London Lets, was superb and did something I had been longing for for years. She produced a LETS currency for the festival and distributed loads of tickets to volunteers. Of course, we could only spend the tickets at local stalls, in fact I still have a few left over. But it worked, it generated a local economy and all the food vendors gratefully cashed in their tickets at the end. There were only a few kids this year, and interestingly I got little attention. Still, for the first year I sold some olive oil, and not for the first year I was leaping around the dance floor for the after-party. I love this event, the best people and most beautiful even though I am not a vege myself. But you must come next year; the food is great, the vibe, the talks, indoors and outdoors crammed with people, live music, a green setting, what more could you ask for? And they paid me well this year again, although I have to pay for a van hire and parking/fuel costs which always cut into my fee. Shame they don't do it on a Sunday.