Apple Days

Evelyn Community Gardens, Deptford 5th October. Very similar to last year only that it was better organised despite the lack of attendees and poor advertising by ECG. This year though Kat, the stout ECG volunteer, brought her family and it was her kids that made the event happen. The fun part was the apple bobbing competition which, on a warmer day would have been an absolute joy. As it goes the raine stopped for this event and I still relished bobbing my head in a container of water trying to pull out apples by the core. This year also I made a variety of cakes in order to raise funds. Despite the labelling to donate I find it inconceivable that no-one, I mean nobody, thought to drop some money in the hat, which epitomises the attitude of people who only know how to take. Yes, I would have better success at this event if I charged at the door for then those who pay to enter would feel they were getting value for money. That is the mentality unfortunately, of the urbanite whose presuppositions are contained to a supermarket mindset - they value only that which is financially circumscribed. There are those who are exception to the rule, but they are getting rarer.