London Permaculture Gathering

Cecil Sharp House, Regents Park, 6th July. My first time here as I try to promote the continued long-distance travelling, in this case I was about to leave for the Green Gathering in Chepstow on route to Wales, Ireland and Scotland. It was wonderful actually, as I snubbed the first time this festival happened. I saw some familiar faces there, including the Permaculture Association, Graham Burnett and various other old trustees. It was totally unexpected the amount of olive oil I sold, practically all I brought, along with samples of carobs and some homebrew. Strictly speaking you shouldn't be selling alcohol, but considering I hadn't measured it 'what you don't know can't harm you'. I remember that cake stall, a blaze of ingredients and colours, of course with my own works of art contributing to the bonanza as I try making both vegetarian and vegan. Maybe this festival lacks what the Festival of Life used to bring in terms of music and dance, but I admit to not bothering with any of the busy workshps on offer and just mulling out behind my stall chatting to everyone. I invite people to my farm and they look interested, but without the official glossary it always creates a sense of doubt and most persons won't follow up. My plants sell too; how I get everything in that bicycle trailer, which even after selling everything defies logic on the return trip, is a mystery. It's definitely a buzz as I take the opportunity to bang out a song or two at the end.