Apple Day

Oasis Nature Garden, Stockwell 18th October. This was nice, coming off the UK bike ride and needing to ground myself again. This is one of the best managed projects in the London and a trip down to it will show how much cultural diversity there is in South London. The kids beam with joy and spend a lot of time naturally playing amongst shrubs and trees. It is very highly supervised, so to quickly organise this event didn't take much effort - it was a pure joy. I got there late and already they were chopping the apples. I notice also that the maternal instinct is very high since most of the kids are attended by their mothers. They have a large mailing list and quite frankly it is a free creche. There were some good images of the kids trying to push and pull the lever of the apple press by which they had to learn to collaborate. And of course, where would any event be without a little music in the background. I have to admit, I always end up with that children's mad energy and the songs get less structured and improvised. What I would like to see in the future are more fruit tree plantings in the actual grounds. The heavy tree cover doesn't allow so much and so a bit of expert advice would go far.