Apple Day

Get Juiced, Tooting Broadway Market, 25th October. Big thanks to Joe who came down generously with his time to help me set up, and of course Leon who 5 years from now will probably have a few outlets around London. It was, in retrospect, a fantastic spot, surroundeded by everything that a multicultural market can offer. There are clothe shops, tailors, bakers, rug shops, delicatessens, fast food, even a cinema showing (I wonder why all those people were sitting in front of me gaping at the ceiling). Before I met Leon I never knew Tooting but now I see the huge potential to find other juice bars who will host my apple press. It was the perfect environment to express healthy food and activity. Get Juiced produce a number of cocktails and is now adding some of the olive oil I sold him to nake it even smoothier. It is not alcoholic though, but a subtle combination of vegetables and fruit which retail at the same price as any other meal. Likewise they produce a small selection of scrumptious hot meals. The emphasis though is juice, either slow pressed (one pound more) or fast pressed. In the former the mineral content of the juice, I am assured, is richer. Leon also manages peoples personal health requirements, combining for the best ingredients.

We got there late but in actuality it was a bit of a trial. Having set up stacks of apples for sale and juicing, a selection of vinegars, and olive oil for sale, we and Jo got talking producing a delicious sweet apple/pear juice from windfalls that people don't have time to do anything with. I have a number of gardens like this. Any volunteers always go home with more apples and juice than they can handle. Please come forward for the following year.