London Permaculture Gathering

Cecil Sharp House, Regents Park, 30th July I remember not bothering for the first 2 years of this festival. And even though numbers are dwindling because there always seems to be other events happening locally, there is always a thriving activity going on somewhere. It gets richer rather than bigger. So this year I had a volunteer by the name of Izzy who did superbly well. I arrived late as usual but always seem to get the best spot. That is because I cycle up in my bicyle trailer packed to the brim. I lay out my wares and talk all day about olive oil production, carobs and opportunities to volunteer in Catalonia. If only I had my Xerox printer I would have a lot more to sell in terms of publications. I see some old faces, but really, I am apart from the real London permaculture scene. I am independent and consider myself the spiritual arm of the movement. The fantastic workshops I never go to, but I allow my volunteers to enjoy as much time as they want. If only they would put me on stage. Alas, I wait until packing up time and play to the cleaners and hanger-ons. Sometimes I go to the big hill where you can see the whole of London. But for me it is always an enjoyable day making a very good profit. Considering stall holders only pay 2 cakes for entry, and then they sell them in order to make their money, it is fantastic barter and reawakens the idea of a LETS scheme that could still flourish. You should see me again next year.