Sukuta, The Gambia, 4th January - March 2017. July - October 2017. A return trip at a momentous time in the history of the country, when the so-called dictator Jammeh was ousted by a democratic vote. Many things happened and I didn't fail to record my opinions. Having overstayed for 3 weeks I took the time to work harder and cement my relationship with the manager. Go to my Destination Africa community page for a full and colourful review. Thanks to Piti who volunteered for me from Spain for part of this journey and whose generosity did not go unseen.

The second part of the year saw me return albeit with a special mission. This time Kelly had pencilled in a special operations in Bujumbara, the capital of Burundi. During the one week training course we set out to establish another MyFarm. It was a complete success. Whilst the manager had to return to the Gambia I decided to stay 3 more weeks and instruct 3 new trainees. It wasn't easy. I discovered why Africans prefer to do things their own way. Though I considered it a success I believe the operations were corrupted after I left.