Cummin Up! Apple Juicing

Catford Road, London SE6, 12th August A cracking day was spent in Catford just talking to the punters as they walked pass in this promotional day looking at the benefits of fresh juice. In this case I made use of a glut of ugly-looking wild pears and some windfall Bramley apples from one of my other gardens.. Top fruit has been falling early this year because of the stress caused by the hot summer. I was already eating James Grieve by the end of July. Unfortunately too, fire-blight rapidly spread throughout London when we had the substantial early rain showers. Still, figs and peaches look superb. If anyone is having alternative success with unusual fruits and veg I am interested. Please contact me:

The equipment above is available for community, festival and private hire. I recommend using my personal services if you have not attempted this before. Im good fun. There is a downloadable form on our News page.

Hire Costs
For each day of setting up: 50
For each day of hired employment: 120 (60 charities and Not-for-profit Organisations)
For each subsequent day of hire: 25
Delivery/Collection: 120 per day For every mile of delivery: additionally 0.50p outside the M25
Holding deposit: 50 (Additional to hire fees paid in advance)
Insurance to total loss deposit: 350 (uncashed not applicable if SLP are hired to man the equipment)