PortugueseCamino Bike Ride

Portuguese Camino 2021 May. Along with my other journeys you will eventually find them all documented in full colour photography in my journal in the usual instalments. At the moment, due to other commitments, the journal has been temporarily discontinued. This journey occurred at the height of the Corona virus. As a spiritual anarchist I wanted to show the beauty of freedom whilst combining my long-term desire to explore the Algarve. As such I started the journey from Santiago and headed south. It was a very difficult journey made with the same bicycle as the first part in 2018. Only this time I left without even checking over the bike, I had such trust in my destiny. As it goes, the bike started rattling to pieces as I entered Andalucia. And then I thought to combine another expedient desire and head for Gibraltar as I had overstayed my Spanish visa requirements now the UK was out of the EU. The border bridge crossings were incredibly memorable, illegal to say the least. However, meeting up with a couple of travellers cycling from the opposite direction and who had beforehand passed a week with me volunteering on my farm was a beautiful moment. Granada showed me its charms. Each day was an opportunity to write a single poem, 3 weeks in all and 1,500km. Here is a small example.

Seeing the world as a cyclist
Is the the only way I can envisage this
I can cross a ford or plough through a beach
But nothing beats reaching a mountain peak

Dont baulk at any hills and climbs
Unless of course you need that time
But once on top you are free to imagine
How the world has stooped to such a dragon

It all belongs to nobody but you
To hoard into your precious views
And when finally you need to take that plunge
Go roaring with a flame-tipped tongue

You can style-up your bike with technology
Or go like me on the most cheapest fee
But you got to learn how to gee it up
When it goes quite wrong and gives you a hiccup

Yep, there's plenty of those in the drawer
That will turf you out unceremoniously to the floor
They can only add to your memory and awe
But a sense that you can always go the extra kilometre

So don't think to take the easy route
But stick to your own conscience and be astute
There's no gain if you're avoiding a dare
Nor desire without some hidden treasure

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