DestinationScotland Bike Ride

The Orkneys 2022 May. Along with my other journeys you will eventually find them all documented in full colour photography in my journal in the usual instalments. At the moment, due to other commitments, the journal has been temporarily discontinued. I had put off this journey for a few years. I had always wanted to explore Scotland. It was full of miracles. When the weather got rough small wonders occurred often. Again, leaving on a limited budget, I reached my halfway point at Newcastle Upon Tyne. There, I smashed out 100 miles in a single day in order to reach my longtime friend. Bear in mind I was doing this on a tandem, raising money for charity. I recommend going to the Facebook page to really get a feel for what was probably my best journey ever. So many deep memories that ended on Hoy, before which I was volunteering at the Orkney folk festival. It was the first journey I hadn't taken a guitar. In fact I am retired now. Check out these QR cards for a direct link to my chairty pages.

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